Our Happy Birthday Boards

The Fluff makes fabulous birthday gifts!
Choose from either cakes and candies or one of our charcuterie boards.
We will wrap it up and make it super special!
Regular $50 Large $100

The Waffle Board
Waffles, Pancakes or Bagels

Need breakfast for a group?
Or perhaps just 2. We can do that for you! Choose from one of our stunning waffle boards or pancake and bagel boards.
Regular $50   Large $100

The Phoebe

4 Cheeses and 3 meats with all the accompaniments, including fruit and macaroons.
Serves 20-25 $120

The Murphy

The cure to your sweet tooth-Choose from our fabulous  S’mores board or Candy Lovers board.
Regular $50 Large $75

The Marge
Hamburger Board

No cold cuts for you? How about burgers and dogs for your group?
Customized to you and your guest's liking.
Regular $50 serves 4-6   Large $100

The Piper
The big and bold board!

Customized to your and your guest's liking.
Contact us for the board of your dreams.

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